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Data Management system for freight (air, sea, land). Guaranteed saving of 10% to 20% in freight costs

Looking for: Companies with annual freight costs of over $1 million.

Mosaic and sand kits for children.

Looking for: Distributors of children's toys and educational products or gift shops, School catalogue sale suppliers, Web based sales companies.

Turn-key projects for energy free, natural wastewater treatment.

Looking for: Engineering companies who are interested in partnering and reciving this unique technology/methodology for local implementation of ecological waste water treatment in urban, industrial and agricultural applications or rehabilitation of rivers.

Drone software for quick and accurate on the spot 3-D mapping with unique and accurate measurement of objects and distances.

Looking for: Military, police and emergency services + infrastructure and civil engineering companies.

Water generation, purification, storage and transport. Unique off-grid solutions for providing drinking water or water for agriculture.

Looking for: Regional distributors capable of providing on-site support to local clients, local authorities, off grid mining or agricultural companies, military and firefighting.

Diagnosis of tree diseases from drone imagery.

Looking for Co-operation with owners (minimum 100 acres) of large fruit orchards, agricultural service providers or companies supplying drone photography services.

Card games for developing parent-child communication.

Looking for: International distribution, online distribution of educational products.

Specialized Fish Feed for fish farms – suited for post-larvae production and especially for ornamental fish production. The feeds are not available from the large-scale feed manufacturers.

Looking for: Fish farms, especially ornamental fish farms.

Largest Israeli producer of ornamental Koi and goldfish + aquatic plants

:Looking For

Suppliers of glass bowls for terrariums

Ornamental fish farms interested in turn-key projects for recycled fish growing systems.

Second largest manufactur in india of FIBC(Flexible intermediate bulk Container|) products and solution custom designed to satisfy the diverse requirementsץ

Looking for: distributors of FIBC bags anywhere in the world.

Water infrastructure engineering design. High quality and innovative designs in the water field.

Looking for: Collaborations with leading international companies in the fields of civil and water engineering.

Turn-key projects for land-based fisheries to produce Barramundi (Asian Sea Bass), Tilapia or other varieties. Fish fingerlings Sea bass, Sea bream (Denise) , striped bass, red drum. (Is presently one of the biggest suppliers of these products worldwide).

Looking for: Growers in Asia or Africa wishing to produce fish or change production from prawns/shrimps to fish. Fisheries in Europe or N. America.

Paper Products

Looking for: Distributors of paper products – especially of food grade disposables


I am linked in Israel to a variety of business owners who provide excellent professional services at a variety of reasonable costs. This includes sales people, website builders, translators, lawyers, graphic designers, accountants, financial consultants, and these are just some.

Along with my multidisciplinary experience in management, marketing and international trade, businesses that work with me gain exposure and access to international networks and organizations to which I belong overseas. Another way of promotion or advertising. It also gives my clients an advantage when it comes to getting help from overseas service providers.

Click on the links to see some of the organizations and services I make available to my clients: